Personal Safety

The Vulnerability of Attack: Surveillance—the Common Denominator

27 September in Business Continuity Planning, Corporate Security, Personal Safety, Protective Services, Travel Safety

Ever wonder why criminals are often so successful at their trade? There are a number of reasons, but one stands out above all others—they watch and plan their attack at your most vulnerable moment.  They conduct surveillance on their targets. Here are a few things to consider to help you prevent a potential attack. Surveillance precedes attack. A kidnapper abducts a business traveler in a foreign country; an attacker sexually assaults a female runner on an isolated jogging trail, and a tractor-trailer load of electronics is...

Vehicular Safety Tips In Mexico—for High Level Protectees and Vacationers

27 September in Corporate Security, Personal Safety, Travel Safety

12 Safety Tips to Note Travel to certain regions of Mexico is risky– even with a full-blown protection detail. Whether you are traveling to Mexico for vacation or business, with or without protection, here are a few critical safety tips that might help prevent an attack or help you avoid catastrophe under attack. Do not rent or utilize cars with running boards or luggage racks. These are holding straps for would-be attackers. Running boards allow them to stand alongside the vehicle and hang on to a side...

Selecting a Safe Hotel when Traveling Internationally

06 September in Personal Safety, Travel Safety

Business travelers are frequently restricted by company policy to hotels with pre-negotiated rates and packages. If you are allowed to select your hotel, make your personal security a top priority. Prior to booking a hotel, do an online review of the amenities provided. Hotels offering dining, laundry, transportation, fitness and other services internally can be important if a crisis requires you to limit your travel outside the hotel for security or safety reasons. Research the hotel online prior to making reservations to see if it has been...