Our Core Values

We take pride in operating by these values in our day-to-day work.



At Rampart Group, we believe in conducting business in a highly professional, competent, straightforward and transparent manner. We believe in accountability, respecting others, and choosing truth over popularity. Our policy includes always placing the needs of our customers and clients first and foremost without compromise. We are a dynamic and enthusiastic team of passionate individuals with high standards and high expectations. Our mission is always to deliver quality service at the right time, on time, every time.



At Rampart Group, we stand up for what we stand for; we believe in helping to protect our clients from vulnerabilities and risks and that is why we stake our reputation on the services we provide. Our definition of integrity is, “Always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.” Our dedication to service excellence and our proven track record of integrity, fairness, professionalism and competent service delivery has earned us a unique and trusted position in the marketplace.


Honesty and Professionalism

Rampart Group views honesty and professionalism as primary components to lasting, successful client relationships. You talk, we listen. Our team of industry experts is intuitive and highly receptive to client needs. We dedicate the essential resources to client projects to ensure prompt, efficient service delivery. We believe in our ability to deliver quality service, which is why our policy is to never lead our clients down a path we won’t walk with them. We exercise diplomacy with unwavering honesty. Honesty is not telling our clients what they want to hear, it is telling them what they need to hear in order to maintain the safest and most secure work environment.


Financial Transparency

Rampart Group is committed to providing our clients with financial transparency for the security solutions we provide. We bill clients with integrity, which means full accounting disclosure and no hidden fees or confusing invoices.

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