Crisis Management

Crisis Management

For Corporations, Businesses, Educational Institutions, Non-Profits, and NGO’s


Natural disasters, human threats, and other unexpected disruptions can occur at any time and without prior warning. The very survival of your business or organization can depend upon having a detailed Crisis Management Plan that is effectively written, clearly communicated, and guides your team to a successful response in the event of a crisis.


Empower a positive response to minimize any impact to your business or organization during times of unexpected crisis events


Whether large or small, any crisis in your business or organization should be effectively handled by your management team to ensure employee/ member confidence and trust.


Our experts will customize cost-effective, best practice solutions to protect your most critical assets: People, Property, Products, Information, and Business Reputation.


Rampart Group will work across your organization to ensure you have an effective and robust strategy to deal with a crisis.


Our Services Include:


  • Reviewing your existing Crisis Management plan, providing guidance, and confirming that your plan is solution-based and addresses all aspects of critical threat.
  • Guiding you in preparing your customized Crisis Management plan if you do not have one in place.
  • Assisting you in selecting your Crisis Management Team (CMT)
  • Establishing Incident Management protocols and procedures
  • Standing up a CMT command post to organize and effectively manage a crisis
  • Providing training exercise scenarios to assist you and your team to an effective response when faced with any crisis, large or small.

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