Our Team

Rampart’s team is dynamic and versatile. We are comprised of Subject Matter Experts with proven track records in the security and investigations industries. Our expertise is broad and deep, including professionals with exemplary careers in the FBI; federal, state and local law enforcement agencies; corporate security; government agencies; and private sector professional protection. Our cohesiveness as a team is the result of our shared belief that business must be conducted with the highest ethics and integrity–never to be compromised.

Executive Team

Kathy Leodler
Owner and CEO, WA DOL Private Investigator License #3555

Kathy Leodler is founder and CEO of Rampart Group LLC, Seattle, Washington.Before establishing the Rampart Group, Kathy had a distinguished federal law enforcement career as an FBI Special Agent and executive leader. She held positions as Acting Special Agent in Charge of one of the FBI’s top 12 US based field offices and maintained the highest-level national security clearance. She also served as an FBI SWAT commander and FBI Inspector in Place. She successfully led numerous combined federal, state...

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Paul Leodler
Executive Vice President, WA DOL Private Investigator License #4180

Paul Leodler is the Executive Vice President and Co-Owner of Rampart Group LLC. Paul has over 40 years of security and investigative experience. He served 16 years in public law enforcement, in many roles including tours in the HPD Internal Affairs Division where he conducted police corruption investigations and the Narcotics Division where he served on a joint drug task force charged with investigating international drug trafficking and money laundering. Paul’s private sector experience includes 9 years as Director of Global Security...

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Strategic Alliance Partners

Our partnerships with subject matter experts allows us to go broad and deep for our clients

Allison Williams

Allison is an actively licensed member of the Washington and Oregon State Bar Associations. Allison has spent over four years prosecuting criminal cases at the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office in Portland, Oregon. During that time, she handled a caseload that included general misdemeanors with an emphasis on DUI cases, misdemeanor and felony domestic violence cases and felony drug cases. Her legal background gives her a unique ability to understand the goals and challenges of an attorney preparing a case for trial.

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Jerry Robinette
Strategic Partner

Jerry Robinette brings over 25 years of broad-based leadership, investigative skills, and exemplary service to the Rampart Group team. Most recently, Jerry served as Executive Director/Vice President of Global Financial Crimes Compliance at JPMorgan Chase. While at JP Morgan he directed and managed anti-money laundering teams comprised of over 150 compliance analysts and investigators who focused on counter terrorist financing and violations of the Bank Secrecy Act.

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Caroline Hoag
Forensics Genealogy Expert

Caroline Hoag is a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. She has adapted her 22 years of investigative experience into a unique business called Forensic Genealogy Investigations. During her FBI career, she specialized in the dogged pursuit of Money Laundering, Financial and Securities Fraud, and many other crimes. This sharp analytic ability taught her to discern and cull myriads of documents and records to successfully prosecute complex Federal cases.

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Jennifer Surface
Leading Methods
Expert Investigator / Intelligence Specialist

With world-class credentials (Yale, FBI, other secretive three-letter agencies, and boutique PI firms), Jenn represents a new breed of investigators’ for today’s digital world. As a specially trained intelligence expert, Jenn understands how to harness an ever-growing world of electronic information, and use it to uncover critical information and insights that result in competitive advantage.

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Lorne Gunther
Non-Profit Organization Consultant

Lorne Gunther is an enthusiastic leader whose talents employ a unique blend of personality and life experiences in both the secular and non-secular environments. Lorne actively consults with non-government organizations to include schools, churches, and other non-profit organizations to determine their security risks and develops solutions to mitigate those risks through a strategic partnership with the Rampart Group.

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Rose Nicolas
Web Designer / Developer

Rose is the technical advisor for Rampart Group as well as the Chief Website Developer and CEO of TechMondo.net. She also has high profile experience with Seattle based organizations such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and Safeco Insurance Company, to name a few. Rose prides herself in having a high level of both technical expertise and business acumen, and has been bridging those two skill sets through-out her career.