Protection Strategies & Services

Protection Strategies

Balancing Privacy and Protection with Risk and Threat


Rampart Group understands the importance of discreet professional protection services. We provide our clients with a wide range of Executive Protection (EP) and Personal Security Detail (PSD) customized protection strategies to meet the needs of your organization and executives worldwide.


Our highly qualified experts have extensive experience in personal protection services and a global network of essential resources at their fingertips


Our teams are mobile and manage your security during travel on private or commercial aircraft’s, to and from business meetings and conferences, at hotels or private estates, and more.

Executive Protection for Business Executives

  • Supplement your existing protection services program and seamlessly integrate into your existing team for scalability when necessary.
  • Build and manage an Executive Protection program for your business from the ground up.
  • Deliver protection details for business or leisure in domestic or international venues.

Physical Security of Businesses Assets

  • Provide a total outsourced security solution to safeguard your business’s physical assets. (headquarters executive and administrative offices, research and development sites, manufacturing and distribution facilities, and more).
  • Supplement your in-house security team for scalability in times of increased risk.
  • Provide professional management services of your in-house or contracted staff.
  • Build and deliver a security forcefully trained and experienced to safeguard your assets both domestically and internationally.

We deliver the same level Executive Protection/ Personal Security Protection Services for spouses and children as we do for the business executive

Residential and Family Security

  • We provide family security at home, during travel, at school, while attending social events or other public events.
  • We will build and manage a Protection program for your family from the ground up.
  • We can supplement your existing protection services already in place for scalability during special events or times of enhanced risk.
  • Rampart Group provides the same level security services for your family members, main residence, other domestic and international estates and/or residential property investments as we do for your business.
  • We are experienced in safeguarding personal assets including residences, vehicles, private aircraft, yachts and other valuables.
  • We can develop, staff and manage estate security teams, both domestically and internationally if you do not have teams in place.
  • If you already have security teams, we will work with the existing teams to ensure your family is provided the highest level of security service.
  • Our specially trained Personal Protection Team will travel with you, your spouse, children, and other family members both domestically and internationally, whether traveling on private or commercial aircraft to and from your desired destination.
  • While at your desired location, your estate, hotels, or social events and outings, our Personal Protection Team will ensure your experience is safe and secure while at the same time respecting and ensuring your privacy.

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Rampart Group is a Private Investigations Agency -License WA #1953 
and a Private Security Guard Company -License WA #900

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