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Whether you are a law firm, corporation, government entity, or private individual, imagine having a global team of highly qualified, trained and licensed investigators and security subject matter experts available at a moment’s notice—providing you trusted, high integrity and game-changing results for your clients – 24/7. With a strong strategic alliance and network of former FBI Special Agents and Intelligence Analysts, as well as former federal, state and local law enforcement partners, and a cadre of experienced and well qualified licensed investigators, we dig deep and reach far and wide to connect the dots and deliver the most effective results for our clients.

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Our Core Values

At Rampart Group, we believe in conducting business in a highly professional, competent, straightforward and transparent manner.  We stand up for what we stand for.  We believe in justice for all, and protecting our clients from vulnerabilities and risks.  We view honesty and professionalism as primary components to lasting, successful client relationships. Rampart Group is committed to providing our clients with financial transparency for the investigative services and security solutions we provide.

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Our Team

Rampart’s team is dynamic and versatile. We are comprised of Subject Matter Experts with proven track records in the security and investigations field. Our expertise is broad and deep, including professionals with exemplary careers in the FBI, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, corporate security, government agencies, and private sector professional protection. Our cohesiveness as a team is the result of our shared belief that business must be conducted with the highest ethics and integrity–never to be compromised.

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Our services are comprehensive and delivered on time, every time.

Whether your business is a law firm, a Fortune 50-500 company, a small to medium sized business, government entity, educational institution, financial institution or a non-government agency, Rampart Group offers a full suite of unparalleled investigative and security services tailored to your organization and delivered to you exactly when you need them.

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What Our Clients Say

“Kathy Leodler, Rampart Group, is a true professional with keen instincts and demonstrated leadership accomplishments of critical teams and functions. Her integrity, emotional intelligence and management style are superlative. It was a pleasure working with and for her on many challenging projects and initiatives. I recommend her highly.”

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