Tip of the Week Corporate Security

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Tip of the Week: Building the Culture of a Harassment-Free Workplace

30 November in Tip of the Week Business Continuity Planning, Tip of the Week Corporate Security, Tip of the Week Investigations

State and Federal laws require employers to provide a safe, harassment free work environment. Failing to provide such an environment places employers at risk of being in violation of the law and costs money in terms of low employee morale, low productivity, high employee turnover and risk of civil litigation. Ensuring a harassment free workplace requires active participation by management and staff at all levels of the organization. Here are five tips for keeping your employees and your business safe from sexual harassment: 1. Establish...

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft – Reduce Your Chances of Becoming a Victim!

30 November in Tip of the Week Corporate Security, Tip of the Week Crisis Response, Tip of the Week Personal Safety

Did you know identity theft affects over 9 million persons per year? Information security and privacy laws refer to information that can be used to contact, identify, or locate a single person as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Sensitive Personal Identifying Information (SPII). Without question, SPII information if lost, compromised, or disclosed could result in substantial harm, embarrassment, inconvenience, and even financial loss. Your SPPI includes, but is not limited to: Social Security numbers Bank Account numbers Passport information Healthcare related information Medical insurance information Student information ...

Tip of the Week: National Preparedness Month!

26 September in Tip of the Week, Tip of the Week Business Continuity Planning, Tip of the Week Corporate Security

September is National Preparedness Month! Two of the largest natural disasters hit within a two-week period. This is a reminder to update your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. The key to protecting your assets and becoming resilient in the face of a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or random power outage, is having a solid plan in place. Here are 9 tips in protecting your assets from such disasters so that you are prepared and protected. Keep your plan updated and accessible to key team members. This...

Tip of the Week:When an Employee Leaves Your Company – Protecting Your Data

18 August in Tip of the Week Corporate Security, Tip of the Week Legal Security, Tip of the Week: Security Consulting

Employees transitioning out of their employment can sometimes present a wide range of issues to include protecting your data and proprietary information. A workplace violence termination is obviously handled far more differently than a 30-year retirement. With the ever-increasing role of technology, business operations are faced with challenges unthinkable even a mere decade ago. While most companies keep strict accountability over the items such as access ID's, credit cards, phones, and lap tops, access to high profile company Twitter or Facebook accounts can be of far...

Tip of the Week: Ransomeware Make You WannaCry

01 June in Tip of the Week, Tip of the Week Corporate Security

The threats posed by ransomware continue to increase as does their sophistication and complexity. Ransomware is a malicious piece of software that once it gets into your computing device will begin encrypting your files so you can no longer access them without the password or passphrase to decrypt them. The creators of these programs then demand payment before releasing these needed codes. The damage caused by these incidents can be quite traumatic. Losses due to work stoppages or time spent trying to...

Tip of the Week: Inside the Mind of a Burglar – Steps to Keep You Safe

26 May in Tip of the Week, Tip of the Week Corporate Security, Tip of the Week Personal Safety

A Video, ‘Inside the Mind of a Thief | Burglar Confessions’, was released by the Allen, Texas Police Department. It's an interview with a career burglar who spent over 20 years breaking into hundreds of homes and describes how he conducted his crimes. The following list emerges from the interview with important crime prevention tips to keep you from becoming a victim: 1. Alarm signs promoting a wireless capability would be a total deterrence. Warning signs for dogs and alarm systems would make him take notice but...