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A Guide to Violence Avoidance During Employee Terminations

05 March in Corporate Security, Crisis Response

The Problem The termination of employees in the workplace is an unpleasant task. Employers like to think they have done their hiring due diligence through background and reference checks and have made the very best decision in selecting a candidate for a specific position on the team. There are a number of reasons, however, that cause the employee/employer relationship to go sideways and just not work out. Some terminations, depending upon the employee and the seriousness of the reason leading to termination, can potentially put the...

Situational Awareness – Trusting Your Instincts

08 November in Crisis Response, Personal Safety, Travel Safety

Lessons from an FBI Special Agent As a security professional and retired federal law enforcement officer with a total of 34 years in both fields combined, I have spent almost half my lifetime in public service and the private sector. Both fields have included serving and protecting; responding to incidents of crime against persons and property; conducting investigations; arresting and interrogating subjects and interviewing witnesses; collecting evidence and information that is key to sorting out facts from fiction. Although the role of the law enforcement officer and...

Rampart Group Tips for a Safe Run

Tips for a Safe Run

30 April in Tip of the Week, Tip of the Week Personal Safety

Spring is finally here and with warmer weather, more people are taking their workouts outdoors. Few workouts are simpler and more satisfying than a great run but running outside presents some personal security risks. Consider these 10 tips for safe running: 1. Run with a Partner – Runners that find themselves alone in isolated areas are most at risk of attack. If possible, always run with a partner or a group. 2. Leave a Plan – Be sure to let someone know you are out for a...

Tip of the Week: Situational Awareness and Personal Security

10 April in Tip of the Week, Tip of the Week Personal Safety, Tip of the Week Protective Services

Tips to improve your situational awareness Have you ever observed a group of police officers enter a café or coffee shop and take a seat at a table? To an outside observer the brief game of musical chairs that takes place as the officers select a chair and take a seat can be downright comical because it appears they all want the same seat at the table. This happens for a good reason and we can learn something from this behavior. Police officers by training...