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Selecting a Safe Hotel when Traveling Internationally

06 September in Personal Safety, Travel Safety

Business travelers are frequently restricted by company policy to hotels with pre-negotiated rates and packages. If you are allowed to select your hotel, make your personal security a top priority. Prior to booking a hotel, do an online review of the amenities provided. Hotels offering dining, laundry, transportation, fitness and other services internally can be important if a crisis requires you to limit your travel outside the hotel for security or safety reasons. Research the hotel online prior to making reservations to see if it has been...

Tips for Parking Lot Security

05 September in Tip of the Week

We can easily forget about personal security as we go about the day-to-day routine of our busy lives in areas and situations where we are comfortable and do not feel threatened. Crime is mobile and not restricted just to areas normally considered dangerous or high risk. The potential exists to become the victim of a crime every time we are not in control of our environment. On the way to work, as we drop the kids off for school, when dash out for a quick lunch...