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Five Steps in Securing Special Events

27 September in Business Continuity Planning, Corporate Security, Legal Security, Personal Safety

Special events take many forms and are commonplace in today’s business environment. Awards ceremonies, trade shows, product launches, special sales and holiday events are examples of “special events” common to the business environment and security industry. These occasions are unique in many ways but share a common element in that they are irregularly scheduled and do not occur on a frequent basis. Examples may include special sales gatherings, company recognition picnics and parties, employee gatherings off site, company award trips, going out of business sales,...

The Cyber Threat – What the Experts are Saying

27 September in Business Continuity Planning, Corporate Security, Legal Security, Security Consulting

The cyber threat is growing and evolving at a rapid pace. This presents challenges for Federal agencies that share similar concerns and resolve in combating cyber-crime. The FBI appears to be ready for the fight on Cyber Crimes and is one of its top investigative priorities. Armed with a whole new set of technological and investigative capabilities and partnerships, the Bureau is now as comfortable chasing outlaws in cyberspace as tracking criminals down back alleys and across continents. The most significant cyber threats facing our nation Cyber...

Internet Scams Target Law Firms: Protecting Your Legal Reputation and Your Bank Account

27 September in Legal Security

Lawyers’ Identities Being Used for Fake Websites and Solicitations It was reported in September 2012, that a scam surfaced in which the identity of a Texas attorney, who had not practiced in years, was used to set up a fake law firm website using the attorney’s maiden name, former office address, and portions of her professional biography. In this same report, other attorneys complained about the theft of their names and professional information to solicit legal work. All attorneys should be on the alert for this...