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Price of Security Failure

27 September in Corporate Security, Crisis Response, Personal Safety, Protective Services, Security Consulting

Posted on June 15, 2016 Last week ended with the killing of young singer Christina Grimmie by a 27-year old man who showed up to her concert and shot her as she signed autographs for fans. And, this week began with the news that a man fatally shot in excess of 100 patrons in an Orlando nightclub, fatally wounding 49. These two tragic events are reported by authorities to be completely unrelated. But on closer inspection, we will likely find a common element between these events...

The Vulnerability of Attack: Surveillance—the Common Denominator

27 September in Business Continuity Planning, Corporate Security, Personal Safety, Protective Services, Travel Safety

Ever wonder why criminals are often so successful at their trade? There are a number of reasons, but one stands out above all others—they watch and plan their attack at your most vulnerable moment.  They conduct surveillance on their targets. Here are a few things to consider to help you prevent a potential attack. Surveillance precedes attack. A kidnapper abducts a business traveler in a foreign country; an attacker sexually assaults a female runner on an isolated jogging trail, and a tractor-trailer load of electronics is...

Cyber Series: The Cyber Threat – What Are the Experts Saying?

06 November in Business Continuity Planning, Corporate Security, Protective Services, Security Consulting

In our last Rampart Group communication, we began by advising our readers that we are launching a regular blog series to provide you critical cyber protection tips and information.  Below is post #2.  In this blog series, Rampart Group will continue to outline for you and your business the breadth and depth of cyber threats on a national and global scale. The Cyber Threat – What Are the Experts Saying? The cyber threat is growing and evolving. Cyber crimes cost approximately $400 billion per year worldwide,...