School Safety

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Are Your Children Safe from Bullies?

27 September in Personal Safety, School Safety

Some authorities estimate that up to 30% of US students have been victims of bullying. Students who are victimized by bullying can be two to nine times more likely than other children to attempt suicide. Parents who are alert to the signs of bullying and who intervene quickly and aggressively may be doing more than protecting a child from hurt feelings - they may be saving his or her life. Here are 10 potential signs that your child may be the subject of bullying at school: 1....

Today December 14, 2012: A Day Like No Other Day As Tragedy Strikes Again

27 September in Personal Safety, School Safety

Today started like any other Friday: up by 6:00 am, coffee, breakfast and then to the office. With no meetings or appointments to attend, today should have been a day to wrap up the week and focus on the holiday shopping season, send out the last Christmas cards and think of special holiday time with family during the next two weeks. Soon after my arrival to the office, it became very real to me that this was no normal Friday. School Violence and School Shootings, Happen...

Helping Kids Deal with Bullies

27 September in Personal Safety, School Safety

What is bullying? Bullying is a form of aggressive behavior manifested by the use of force or coercion and can include verbal harassment or threats; physical assault or abuse; and intimidation. Kids are often reluctant to tell adults or authorities about bullying because they are embarrassed and ashamed. Sometimes kids worry that their parents, teachers, coaches or guardians will be disappointed in them or think less of them. Forms of Bullying Bullying can be a real nightmare for kids and can reveal itself in many forms: Teasing...