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Tip of the Week – Personal Security with Shared Ride Services

27 September in Tip of the Week, Tip of the Week Personal Safety, Tip of the Week Protective Services, Tip of the Week Travel Safety, Tip of the Week: Security Consulting

10 Tips to help keep your shared ride safe With the widespread acceptance of shared ride services or Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft, we have seen ever increasing reports of assaults on female passengers by TNC drivers. The problem has been well documented in media reports and is closely tracked by the organization that publishes lists of incidents and the annual growth in attacks: The growth of the problem may be tied to increased ridership, but the standard of required background...

Tip of the Week – Home Alone – 5 Security Tips for Kids

27 September in Tip of the Week, Tip of the Week Personal Safety

5 tips to ensure your child is ready to stay home alone Eventually, there comes the time when all kids prefer to be left at home alone rather than with a sitter, and as parents, it is our responsibility to ensure their security while we are away. Many child psychologists suggest age 12 as the minimum to safely leave a child home alone. But, your decision should be guided by your child’s maturity. The more responsibility and maturity kids show while we are present, the more they will...

Run, Hide and Fortify®: Individual Preparation

27 September in Business Continuity Planning, Corporate Security, Crisis Response, Personal Safety, Travel Safety

John Farrar, our guest blogger this month, brings us part two of the Run, Hide and Fortify® series – ‘Individual Preparation and Situational Awareness’ – become aware of your surroundings and what to do when crisis situations occur. Individual Preparation Everyone should strive for a general awareness of his or her immediate environment. It doesn’t take years of meditation or graduating from some High-Speed Low Drag training course. The idea is to just be present in the here and now. Try not to be so engrossed in...

Run, Hide and Fortify®: The keys to survival in an Active Shooter Incident

27 September in Corporate Security, Crisis Response, Travel Safety, Workplace Violence

John Farrar is our guest blogger this month with a three-part series that will cover topics such as how to respond and what to do in an Active Shooter Incident (Part One), Individual Preparation and Situational Awareness when situations arise (Part Two) and finally A Recommended approach for Business continuity planning to deal with potential threats to a company be it manmade or a natural disaster (Part Three). Introduction The concept of “Active Shootings” is rapidly going the same route as the concept of Terrorism with multiple...

Telephone Security – Why Less is More

27 September in Business Continuity Planning, Personal Safety

Imagine the criminal mind being as ingenious as the legitimate telemarketer attempting to sell you their product and/or services through telephone solicitation. If there is one thing I’ve learned during my 30 years as both an FBI Special Agent and security professional, it’s criminals are extremely creative in finding ways to steal and successfully commit other crimes through what appears to be legitimate means. Consider the telephone, whether hardline or Smartphone, it provides a convenient tool for others to easily obtain information about you and your...


Extending Business Continuity to Your Employees

27 September in Business Continuity Planning

To those of you who have lived in a coastal area as an advancing hurricane takes aim at your community, you know the store shelves are bare 48 hours before the storm is set to arrive, people are lined up at service stations for fuel and the hardware store is sold out of plywood and tape. It's inevitable, it always happens. Even people who live in hurricane-prone areas wait until they know the storm is coming to make preparations. We all know that bad things...