Tip of the Week: Active Shooter Situation

Tip of the Week: Active Shooter Situation

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3 Tips That Could Save Your Life

A US Department of Justice FBI study of active shooter incidents in the US between 2000 and 2013 revealed an annual occurrence of 6.4 incidents per year through the first seven years of the study and an annual occurrence of 16.4 incidents per year through the last seven years of the study. Active shooter incidents are most certainly on the rise in the US. If you have not given thought to what actions you might take if confronted with an active shooter situation, you are unprepared leaving yourself vulnerable in the event of an attack. Your chances of survival are dramatically increased if you follow these 3 tips – “Run, Hide Fight.”

1. Run – The safest and surest course of action is to simply run. Leave immediately at the first sign of trouble. You can’t be shot if you are not there! Run away from the sounds of shots and seek cover when well away from the shooting. When running, try not to run in a straight line in an open area. It is safer to run a zigzag route, staying low and running next to obstacles, keeping as much cover between you and the shooter as possible while you evacuate.

2. Hide – If you are trapped by the shooter in an area and you can’t run, you should hide. Hiding is more than just being out of sight. Hide actively by barricading yourself into an area to block the shooters access to you. If you are in a room with a door, block the door by wedging it closed by jamming something under it or by dragging furniture against the door. As a worst case scenario, you can sit on the floor and brace your feet against the door to prevent it from opening. When selecting a hiding place, select a place that provides cover that is resistant to penetration by bullets.

3. Fight – If you can’t run and you can’t hide, your last resort is to defend yourself. Remember this is an active shooter whose goal is to kill – your chances are slim that pleading for mercy from an active shooter will be effective. If you fight, commit to the fight with everything you have, and use improvised weapons, striking the shooter with as heavy and lethal an object as you can find. When fighting, continue the attack and show no mercy until the shooter is disarmed and no longer a threat.

Run, Hide, Fight is the active shooter situation guidance recommended by the US Department of Homeland Security and most Federal and local law enforcement agencies. It is a simple message – easy to understand, easy to remember and it can save your life! Commit these 3 words to memory – Run, Hide, Fight.

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