Tip of the Week: Daylight Savings Time Security for Your Business and Home

Tip of the Week: Daylight Savings Time Security for Your Business and Home

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At 2:00 a.m. on November 6, 2016, we will once again see the end of daylight savings time as we roll our clocks back one hour. This biannual clock exercise provides the perfect opportunity to evaluate our lighting as it pertains to the security of our homes and businesses.

The proper use of lighting is a key component of good physical security.

Following are 10 tips to improve security with lighting:

For Your Business

1. Ensure all areas of the property have adequate lighting and eliminate deep shadows.
2. Eliminate blind spots caused by glare by shielding lights and ensuring proper directional alignment.
3. Ensure pathway lights are of sufficient height to illuminate faces.
4. Eliminate dark spots in utility areas such as around storage buildings and dumpster bins.
5. Ensure motion activation devices detect pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
6. Ensure light timers are properly calibrated and change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time.

For Your Home
7. Ensure the light fixture on your garage door opener is clean and working and properly illuminates the garage when the door is opened.
8. Install motion sensors on exterior light fixtures to illuminate upon detection of motion.
9. Ensure front, back and garage doors are adequately illuminated with no blind spots.
10. When away, use timers on interior lights in various areas of the home to create a sense of occupancy.

Remember, criminals have two goals when perpetrating criminal acts. One goal is to do the deed and the other is to get away. Light is the enemy of the criminal who intends to escape undetected.


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