Tip of the Week: Effective Security Surveillance Systems

Tip of the Week: Effective Security Surveillance Systems

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5 Key Factors for Effective Security Surveillance Systems

Many small businesses routinely utilize security surveillance cameras in an effort to protect their assets and deter criminals from theft and other nefarious acts. While cameras alone should not be considered adequate security, they can be an important component in a well-designed integrated security system.

Following are 5 tips for proper deployment of security surveillance cameras:

1. Capture facial shots – Place cameras in locations to capture facial views of subjects. Overhead cameras are rarely effective in providing identifiable pictures. Cameras are best mounted at shoulder height for facial views.

2. Cover points of ingress and egress – Align cameras to capture facial views of persons as they come and as they go, such as entrances and exits. Frequently, perpetrators who go to great lengths to conceal their faces upon entering a business will do nothing to conceal their faces when leaving.

surveillance-camera-parking-lot3-300x1993. Cover critical components – Identify and prioritize the critical components of your business and allocate cameras to those areas. Consider areas where you are at risk for loss of property or proprietary information, and place camera in those areas.

4. Store images – Ensure your surveillance system has adequate memory to store images for 30 to 45 days. Remember – Surveillance frequently precedes an attack. Perpetrators can sometimes be identified on video in the days before an actual attack occurs.

5. Audit your system – Your surveillance system should be reviewed at least once per week to ensure all cameras are working, focused, and storing images for the required length of time.


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