Tip of the Week: Family Crisis Management Plan

Tip of the Week: Family Crisis Management Plan

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5 Tips for an Effective Family Crisis Management Plan

Businesses ensure continuity of business operations each year by examining every aspect of the supply chain and building in redundant suppliers, production capabilities, transportation infrastructure and uninterruptable labor resources. This work results in a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and along with every BCP, a Crisis Management Plan is Developed to detail plans to efficiently work through and resolve whatever crisis may befall a business. With properly developed BCP and Crisis Management Plans, businesses reach a high level of readiness and the business is said to be “resilient”.

Our families are not businesses guarding against production failures. But families also create production in the form of a safe and secure environment where family members live, grow, rest and nourish body and soul. It is the continuity of these family operations that should be protected and made to be “resilient”.

In a major crisis such as a hurricane or earthquake where supply chains are significantly disrupted, it only takes a matter of days for supermarket shelves to be emptied of basic necessities, and considering panic buying that often occurs in such situations, the basics can be gone in only hours. If you have not developed a simple family crisis management plan, then your family’s security is not resilient, leaving them vulnerable in the event of a major crisis. Following are 5 tips for developing an effective family crisis management plan:

1. Store a three-day supply of water for each family member and pets as well. Experts recommend a minimum of a half-gallon per person per day or a gallon-and-a-half each for three days. Keep a little extra water on hand for washing and cooking as well.

2. Maintain a three-day supply of nonperishable food for each person and pet – dried or canned food works well.

3. Natural gas and electricity could be disrupted so maintain a small camp stove and propane heat source with a three-day supply of propane gas bottles along with matches, candles, flashlights, and batteries. Always keep a charging case or spare external battery on hand to help extend your phone’s battery life while electricity is down.
Firearm safety is up to you. Make no mistake about it! If you follow these few tips you will increase firearms safety in your home.

rampart-group-emergency-evacuation-plan-300x2024. Teach family members where they can go for help and safety if they are stranded in a crisis and unable to return home.

5. Establish a rendezvous point to be used by family members to meet up if communications systems are disrupted and the home is unreachable or destroyed.

In addition to these 5 simple crisis management tips, maintain a battery or solar powered AM/FM radio. Broadcast information about the crisis can help you make safe decisions on next steps in the event of an extended crisis.

Once you have developed your family crisis management plan, communicate the plan and your expectations with each family member at least once a year. Remember, plans only work if they are practiced!


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