Tip of the Week: Securing Your Fall Homeowner Projects

Tip of the Week: Securing Your Fall Homeowner Projects

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5 Tips for Secure Fall Homeowner Projects

Following the Summer vacation, picnics, and outdoor living, Fall is the time of year for those indoor projects you’ve been putting off for months. Some include a total remodel and require contractor and vendor services. While it can be a time that’s busy and packed with choosing the right paint colors and furniture, it’s also important to remember safety and security can become an issue as well. From making sure visitors avoid safety hazards, to keeping your valuables safe during construction, it’s imperative homeowners are vigilant during this time.

Here are 5 security tips to keep in mind for those Fall remodel projects:

1. Choosing Licensed and Insured Contractors is a Must!

Don’t be tempted to cut costs by choosing workers that aren’t licensed or insured. Licensed and fully insured contractors normally will not take unnecessary risks, and they’re more likely to do work with an abundance of caution that will keep their employees and your family safe and secure.

2. Know Your Contractor and their Workers

Most licensed contractors will have a supervisor present for the project. Get to know who is in charge and have a specific idea of who will be present in your home, what they will be doing, and specific hours that they will be present. You should even restrict the project to weekday and daytime hours so as not to interfere with family time. And, always have a family member or someone you can trust present during all phases of the project.

3. Secure Your Valuables Out of Sight

Sometimes contractors hire day laborers to assist with unskilled heavy tasks such as digging and moving furniture. Although we like to think we can trust most people who come into our home, sometimes an open display of valuables such as jewelry or high-value tools and equipment can be enticing. Lock these items away in a safe, closet, or in a locked room that is not part of the remodel project.

4. Keep Your Home Well-Lit

If your home looks like a construction zone, thieves may target it with the belief it’s unoccupied. Make sure you have adequate exterior and interior lighting, even throughout the remodel.

5.  Don’t Get Too Personal

Be cautious and never confide personal information with your contractors such as your schedule, upcoming trips, or daily routines. It’s always good to communicate, but too much information can be harmful if in the wrong hands.

These simple tips can help improve the security of your home and family during those Fall remodel projects.


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