Tip of the Week: Security Tips for College Students

Tip of the Week: Security Tips for College Students

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7 Security Tips for College Students – Parents Please Share!

Heading back to college or entering your first year as a Freshman is a very exciting time in the life of any student. Friends, fun, football, and freedom are usually top of mind (and of course studying!) while staying safe and secure is the least of concerns. As statistical reporting has shown, college students can be exposed to violence, robbery, bullying and even rape. It is important for students to be mindful of their very own personal security and to take precautions, that is “Think Smart” so that the college experience is a positive one to be remembered for a lifetime.

Following are 6 tips to reduce crime through proper lighting:

Here are 7 security tips to help students stay safe on and around college campuses:

1. Take responsibility for your own security. This includes always being mindful of your 360-degree surroundings, whether walking to class during night time hours or driving to that fraternity or sorority party after the big game. Best advice – trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, reverse your course.

2. Keep your dorm room secure whether you are present or not present. If you are unable to properly secure your room, advise campus authorities so that accommodations can be made. If you live off campus, make sure you have a good lock for your doors and lock them when you leave for any period of time. Don’t make it easy for intruders to take advantage of you.

3. Protect your valuables. Students often make the mistake of leaving their valuables unprotected in public places. Do not leave your laptop, phone, wallet, jewelry and other valuables out in the open and unprotected. Dorms are also public places where anyone can enter and take your things if not secured and out of sight. Once secured, keep the location between yourself and perhaps one other person you can trust, such as a family member or longtime friend.

4. Use the buddy system. Never walk alone – especially at night or if you are walking past desolate places or deserted buildings. The larger your group, the lesser the chance of being attacked.

5. Be cautious about social media posts. Disclosing your location and movements on Facebook can be fun for friends, but also a good form of intelligence for someone who wants to do harm. Selfies and group photos are fun and can be shared without disclosing your specific location like, “Come on down to Lou’s Bar on 5th and Commerce and join me for a great pre-game celebration.” A better comment might include, “Having a fun pregame celebration before the big win.” This language does not disclose your specific location.

6. Disclose your whereabouts to family and /or close friends you can trust. It’s always good to let someone know your whereabouts. This goes back to the buddy system mentioned above. Let your family, close friends or roommate know where you are going, who you are going to meet, when you are likely to return, and your travel purpose. This is even more important when you are going off campus. And, avoid disclosing details about yourself to strangers you have never met. Be cautious when a stranger starts asking personal questions during an encounter or chat session.

7. Watch what you eat and drink at parties and in public places. Predators have been known to prey on youth and have slipped drugs in drinks to later take sexual advantage of their victims. This can happen even in the best of restaurants and bars. Never take food or drink (unless securely canned or bottled) from a stranger. Always keep your eyes on your food during a party or while on a date with someone you do not know very well.

As a student, if you stay vigilant and take responsibility for your own personal security on and around campus, you should have a happy and safe college experience. That is our hope for you. Stay safe!


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